feels like black magic, and isn't.


3/4/20241 min read

I'll be at CollectiveCon in Jacksonville this weekend, selling my prints, pride pins, misc. fandom pins, my newest keychains, and more.

Meanwhile, I'm REALLY excited for how this filigree design is turning out. Now that I do keychains, I can do CMYK designs for print and get them, and that means it's easier to do filigree (and paint) compared to, say, enamel pins. Or, it'll be really satisfying, at any rate.

Engraving filigree is one of those really satisfying modes of work that lets you try lots of stuff and get remarkably ornate stuff fairly straightforwardly. It's a bit more than the sum of its parts, and it also teaches you ways to get form.

...I walked by the bookstore today and saw a novel with AI filigree as a fill for its cover art. It didn't look half as good; but it was on that book, and out there for all to see. Maybe that means that there's not much 'advantage' for me to do this manually or get the results I do, I guess. But you know? That really has nothing to do with how much I did enjoy this, and 'advantage' was never the point. I love what I've created.