March away.

3/15/20241 min read

I updated the front of this site to serve as a splash page, so that I can have just the one URL at conventions. Well, minus the original writing, which I guess I'm cross-linking to.

The icon widget to link social media isn't working, so they're text links for now. Not really sure I enjoy the webhosting site pushing AI things at me all the time; that's antithetical to my work, more or less, so it's not a feature I want or want to see. Having bailed immediately from Hostgator though (I bought the hosting, then went to tighten up my 2fa and discovered that they didn't have any at all), I'm not keen on moving again yet.

I'm working on a pile of acrylic charms for summer. If I can get it done in time, it'll be a badass order.