Upcoming conventions!

3/19/20241 min read

Polycon was a lot of fun! I'm always glad to be there, and I hope to return again.

Liminal Craft will be at Sarasotacon, this April 27.

I'm also at Sunshine City Scare (May 11), Metrocon, Anime St. Pete, and I'm hoping to sell at some other conventions this year. I'll add more when I find out!

I'm usually at Orlando Anime Day, and if they do a Tampa show, I hope to be there. Even if I'm not at OAD, you should check them out--they're one of the events who regularly have a cel vendor, and that's a rarity these days. I'm booked for the weekend of Siestacon, but they're getting some fun guests (fandom stuff; wrestlers?) and are looking to be a yearly hotel con, so I wish them well.